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Stepping forward with the help of peaches

Song: Put it all on me ~ Ed Sheeran

Followed by a dash of laughter with: Greg Davies

Everyone knows that there are moments in life where you won't know what something is or what it will be. It's often seen as a bad thing, but I'd argue that without the unknown, there is no curiosity, and without curiosity, there can be no journey. Many dimensions of my life wear this mystery label. Today, I face 2 of them, this blog accompanied by a small bag of peaches.

The Peaches

I never realized how impatient fruit is. If you don't give it attention, it will sulk into a brown gloop. They are sensitive things, their bruises don't heal and if you completely forget about them, you may find them one day, miserably situated in the cold dark recesses of your refrigerator, wearing a medicinal scented beard as a disguise.

I purchased the peaches on impulse. I'm allergic to raw peaches, but I couldn't walk past them. Their bright greeting caught my attention, it's scent curling gently, then departing so sweetly that I immediately thought of introducing them to vanilla. I chose 5, brought them home, placed them in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and there they have been for 2 days. Since their arrival, they have been busily perfuming the air, determined not to be ignored, and seeing every kitchen entrance I make as an opportunity for attention. Their message received through my olfactories traveled through my brain rifling through memories of textures and other scents shouting, "How about this one?!" These peaches are graceful, yet peppy and clearly very determined not to grow a beard.

I'm not an adventurous baker, and by that I mean I am not usually one to independently stray from a recipe, my way off the 'followed to the letter' path is often lead by the experience of other bakers who graciously post comments of their edits and mishaps.* I did attempt to create a chai cake. Three tries and disappointments later, it still resulted in a mere spice cake. I guess chai is made up of similar spices so perhaps it wasn't as unsuccessful as I felt it to be, but something is still amiss, so I filed it away for a future date. Anyways, I am undoubtedly a work in progress. A slow one, due to the cries against waste in the monetary and throw-away kind. Thankfully I think my conscience is coming around to understanding the importance of growth and quality.

So here is my decision. A Honey Peach Tart with a caress of vanilla and a kiss of clove. All on a pecan shortbread crust. I realized I purchased more peaches than I need, so with the leftover peaches I'm going to make a bourbon peach jelly with vanilla. Start time 2 days. I'm a bit conscientious of the fact that creating this recipe (if successful in taste and not in lessons) will not include step-by-step photos. So in addition to gratitude for reading about this adventure, thank you for bearing with me.

*To all the bakers that have ever commented on a recipe thank you for teaching me about the impact of altitude, removing tomato skins and many other things that have helped me grow and enabled me to share something sweet with others.

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