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First Time

I'm not sure how often people experience this, but when starting something new, my brain masterfully chooses to begin with a task that turns out to be procrastination disguised as productivity. The title of this very first blog post for example. So today I decided to skip the title and jump to commenting on the fact that my mind does this. Very often. More often that I care to admit. It is after all, my very first post.

I initially wasn't going to have a journal but there's so much inspiration out there. Not to mention 'first time for's' and why not share those too? Do first time achievements always have to be earth moving? So as 'First Time' suddenly appears to be the message of the day, I am hereby marking it with this photo of a Dutch Baby that I made this morning.

First time making it, it was gloriously fun and gave others the opportunity to start their day with the creative exercise of deciding what to have on it. Syrup, strawberry jam, bacon, and I personally was thinking ginger apple.

Being new to the Dutch Baby, I was surprised to find it was a lot like making a Yorkshire Pudding and later learned that it's a member of the popover family. (Is anyone else wondering if there's is a taxonomic chart of baked goods?) One thing I love very much about the Dutch baby, if your table is surrounded by a group whose tooth ranges from savory to super sweet, the subtle sweetness of the Dutch Baby makes it wonderfully compatible with any topping and does not disrupt sweetness. It's politely sweet.

The recipe I used is from Cooking New York Times (link opens new window). When I made it I was on my phone and missed this helpful video. (Gah!) Mine turned out but I will say that yes, melting the butter on the stove is much better than melting it in the oven. I overcomplicated it. Definitely watch the video they graciously enable me to embed.

n case you're thinking this journal is about baking, it is one of many topics I will be writing about. The objective is to highlight things found, learned and even get comfortable with sharing works in progress.

Like this Dutch Baby, This entry is a simple start and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. I hope you'll join me and find that the time you spend here is well spent.

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